All Successful Projects Start with a Project Coaching Call

Think of each project like a tree. The roots resemble the pre-design phase. This is where we talk about your needs and a general concept for the space. This is where schematic and detail design happen, when the tree breaks ground. As we travel up the trunk, the project flows naturally through more definition. I’m invested in the whole process, from the roots to the top leaves swaying in the sun. The top layer is the construction phase. I like to be involved up there, too, and continue to lead the team and complete the project as it was conceived.

In line with my 5 Senses Design™, you can climb, smell, feel, and sometimes eat the fruits a tree produces. My clients and I use the five senses to communicate their vision… and we explore how 5 Senses Design™ grows a better life.

Where are you now and where do you want to go?

But before the roots, we must prepare the soil. In about thirty minutes, the Project Coaching Call determines where you are now and where you want to go. What kind of environment should we plant your tree — your home?

When you are ready to start a project, or perhaps stuck in a current project and don’t know how to proceed, we can help. I started these calls because of the many times I was hired to fix someone else’s projects that had gone wrong. During the call, I can help you define next steps. We take time to understand your goals. I listen and you are heard.

This is an opportunity to speak with a professional problem solver. We ask: What inspired you to do this project? How long have you been thinking about it? What obstacles may be preventing you from moving forward? Do you have a budget? And finally, when the project is completed, we want to understand the image you dream of in your mind: What is your definition of success?

Get your questions answered

The architect is your guide, your ally, to becoming the hero in your own story. Building a new home or embarking on a renovation is possibly the hugest investment of your life. We want you to be happy from the moment we break ground to when you reap the benefits of your realized dream.

We discuss all this in our first phone call. You move forward with confidence and a one-page action plan. Having your next steps in hand, you’ll know if you need to schedule a Discovery and Strategy consultation with me on site. The Project Discovery Report answers other questions that may be on your mind: Can I legally do this? Does it even make sense? How much should I budget? What will it be worth when I’m done?

Results from the call greatly benefit the homeowner and/or many other people involved in buying and building homes. As an architect, I can help real estate agents rescue a deal that would have otherwise fallen apart. Mortgage lenders receive proper documentation from our office to prove a home or property’s value, useful for securing a loan amount.

We provide contractors detailed guidelines for your project so that the client’s vision is honored every step of the way during construction. I mediate all communication between the builder and the client, including the most important conversation — when the client and contractor agree on the budget.

Hire an architect as your ally

Without a good architect, there is anxiety. With us on your team, you get peace of mind. We provide calm on the construction site. Engaging with a good architect saves everyone time. Designing to a clear construction budget, the builder is contractually bound to the client’s best interest. We keep you, the client, in the driver’s seat.

Let’s create a good foundation for your custom project. If your home project stems from a unique perspective, our Project Coaching Call is for you. Our clients start with a special vision for their home and lifestyle. We take the time to learn about your goals. We promise to give you clear steps to success.

Do you know someone considering a project? Refer Synergy Architects. To schedule a free 30-minute Project Coaching Call and discover your next steps, call: 267-756-7004

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