Our Services

1. Design Consultation

Specific and individual meeting with an architect to discuss your project at your project site or home. We will review your Design Brief, or help you assemble one if needed. The meeting will focus on understanding your specific expectations, goals, and obstacles. This information will be analyzed and we will provide recommendations on your next steps toward completing a successful project.

2. Project Discovery Report

Preliminary planning report that address top three client questions.

1) Is the project permissible & permitted without a need for a variance?
2) How much should be budgeted?
3) What will be the estimate value upon completion?

And the one they all want to know, but don’t ask: Does it make sense? We provide a professional opinion on the feasibility of your project, so you can decide if you want to move forward.

3. Conceptual Study

Schematic planning of your project, where we prepare options for your review, come to mutual agreement on best way to proceed considering your budget. Provide schematic drawings of the approved design direction so Initial Estimates – Budgetary Review can be obtained by builders and contractors. This can also include computer rendering so you can review your proposed result on your site.

4. Construction Documentation

Based upon the Project Discovery Report findings, and approved design direction from the Conceptual Study we can prepare complete construction documentation of your project. This includes complete specification for the building products and fixtures, and is coordinated with your local jurisdiction so you can obtain a permit. We recommend, and can assist in a bid process. We also offer Project Administration / Management services to our clients.
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