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Michael J. Roosevelt


Principal: Synergy Architects, Inc.


Philadelphia University: B.arch, Architecture.
Eckerd College: BS, History. Management, minor.


REVIT (BIM 3d modeling), AutoCAD, Adobe Products, 3ds Max
5 Senses Design, Biophilic design, sustainable design
Accessibility (ADA) design, Custom Residential.


Architect Michael Roosevelt’s main purpose is to improve life through living spaces that connect people with the natural world. Known as “biophilic design,” he uses natural materials to create cohesive indoor-outdoor living spaces. “Sensory connectivity” is his specific approach, as these materials appeal to all five senses. Michael pays especially close attention to the symbiotic relationship between technology and nature. As a result, his designs consider how the wind blows through the space and the possibility that a crisp autumn breeze could cool a house.

After ten years with two Philadelphia architectural firms, Michael started Synergy Architects, Inc. in January 2016. His mission is to bring the outside in, and let the inside out. The effect – a harmonious home for each client. He trademarked the term “5 Senses Design™” an approach that integrates people with their surroundings through sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. Michael states, “Don’t watch life go by. Experience it with all your senses.”

Influenced by years of sailing and hiking in his native Long Island, Michael also experiences life with all five senses. He grew up with his father, who was legally blind, and his mother, who suffers from fibromyalgia. That’s why his designs tend to incorporate natural materials, demonstrate structural honesty, promotes healthy living, and seeks to convey positive experiences. His sensitivity to disabilities maps to his niche, because he welcomes such challenges as design opportunities. He tailors designs to enrich each homeowner’s life, and the site, by selecting compatible materials and finishes that contribute to the multi-sensory awareness. Noticing the disconnect between humans and nature, he’s eager to solve that problem through architecture.

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