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Synergy Architects, Inc. is a custom residential architecture firm based in Langhorne, PA. Synergy Architects work directly with their clients to develop innovative spaces that exquisitely combine appearance and function. This encompasses not only vision but also every other sense with attention to the unique needs and location of the client. Synergy Architects, Inc. is committed to helping homeowners find their own version of "timeless design.” We accomplish this through creative solutions and a unique design process that keep clients in the driver’s seat of their project. What can we help you design?

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Company Profile

Langhorne’s Newest Architecture Firm

Synergy Architects offers their clients access to specialty design approaches such as Biophilc Design and Universal Design. The Boutique Firm are the creators of the pioneering 5 Senses Design™, a cutting-edge approach focused on integrating people with their home and surroundings by appealing to all five senses. We experience our surroundings through all the senses; there may be aspects of the outdoor world that are best limited or experienced in a certain way. We believe that when your space fits your life, and you live integrated with your surroundings through your five senses you can add greater balance to your lifestyle. We combine this belief with a disciplined, proprietary process to understand our clients’ wants and needs and clear answers to financial questions and concerns. Invite Synergy Architects to design a space for your life.


Our Services

Specific and individual meeting with an architect to discuss your project at your project site or home. We will review your Design Brief, or help you assemble one if needed. The meeting will focus on understanding your specific expectations, goals, and obstacles. This information will be analyzed and we will provide recommendations on your next steps toward completing a successful project.

Preliminary planning report that address top three client questions.

1) Is the project permissible & permitted without a need for a variance?
2) How much should be budgeted?
3) What will be the estimate value upon completion?

And the one they all want to know, but don’t ask: Does it make sense? We provide a professional opinion on the feasibility of your project, so you can decide if you want to move forward.

Schematic planning of your project, where we prepare options for your review, come to mutual agreement on best way to proceed considering your budget. Provide schematic drawings of the approved design direction so Initial Estimates – Budgetary Review can be obtained by builders and contractors. This can also include computer rendering so you can review your proposed result on your site.

Based upon the Project Discovery Report findings, and approved design direction from the Conceptual Study we can prepare complete construction documentation of your project. This includes complete specification for the building products and fixtures, and is coordinated with your local jurisdiction so you can obtain a permit. We recommend, and can assist in a bid process. We also offer Project Administration / Management services to our clients.

Our Process

The Synergy Solution

Successful projects follow 5 distinct phases. Synergy Architects has a proprietary process to guide the serious client though these phases to help them achieve their goals. When you hire Synergy you hire the tree; we don't sell branches. Just as in nature the size of the tree varies with every project according to your needs and expectations. The Synergy Solution is about you, regardless of size we keep you in the driver's seat of your project. Our process starts with the roots, just like strong trees and buildings we start at the bottom.

Our Process Grows From the Roots Up

Grow With Us


Our Specialties

Biophilic Design:

Biophilic design is the creation of architectural spaces inspired or influenced by nature. Consider how you feel when you realize it’s a beautiful day? Your mood lifts, it stimulates your senses and you feel invigorated. How significant would this be to you and your family inside your home? The term, Biophilic, was coined by Naturalist Edward O. Wilson and defined in his book Biophilia (1984) as “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life”. Biophilic design aims to establish this connection to nature from within the home. Essentially bringing the outside in and letting the inside out. Studies completed by Roger Ulrich in 1984 have shown that ‘humans have a stronger tendency to prefer natural scenes more than urban views which lack natural elements. Operating on this knowledge your home and your life would be improved by activating this connection. Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, completed in 1938, is a premier example of biophilic design pre-dating the movement. The Biophilic design specialty is a cornerstone of Synergy Architects’ desire to help people feel good in their spaces.

5 Senses™ Design :

Your home is more than just the place you live. It’s where you experience your life, and your life’s experience is made better when your home reflects your sensibilities. 5 Senses™ Design, a proprietary Synergy Architects approach, uses advanced concepts and natural materials paired with technologies to give you a home with increased mindfulness and connection to the space around you. It’s not just feelings, it’s science: the better your home is, the better you are. This approach pairs with the Biophilic Design philosophy to establish more significant connections to your natural site through architecture.

Universal Design:

Universal design, also known as inclusive design, allows homes to be accessible and usable for everyone regardless of age or ability. This approach ensures that your home is designed to grow along with you. Synergy Architects believes that your home should be built to not only last, but to evolve. Regardless of what your or your family’s needs are today, your home should always emphasize: wellness, comfort, accessibility and safety. Universal Design is another specialty focus that Synergy Architects incorporates into their designs.


If your home is unique, if you have a project that requires a different approach, or if you want more information about how our specialized process can work for you, reach out, we want to hear from you.

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