Your Project begins on the Right foot with Our Discovery & Strategy Consultation

When I connect with a client, we start with a free project coaching call. Often my clients are seeking to build their brand-new dream home or purchasing a house that doesn’t fit all their requirements — they are thinking bigger. Other times, they may be planning an addition on their current home. Or maybe they want to downsize. The important thing is they are serious about getting ideas to move forward.

Once we’ve talked, our next step is usually our Discovery & Strategy Consultation so we can get to know each other better. This is an opportunity to meet in-person, on site, and discover the project and the people who are behind it. The strategy side of the consultation is essential to figure out how to complete the project within their budget. This investment of time and research will start your project right.

What problem does the consultation solve?

The Discovery & Strategy Consultation addresses important information that anyone considering construction will benefit from. We will:

  • Establish goals, expectations, and reasons
  • Review your Design Brief, or help you assemble one.
  • Discuss any current obstacles you might have.
  • Collect some initial survey measurements.
  • Research your specific zoning and use requirements from your township.
  • Recommend the next steps toward a successful project.

We look at the entire site, not just how you enter through the front door. Good design is about how you approach the property and flow through the built and planted environments. How the room relates to the rest of the house and how it relates to the site are all a part of the forethought that creates a true custom home. As an architect, I think of the property as one big palette. I help you discover adjacencies, connections, and opportunities to create views.

If a client says, “I want to build an addition on the front of my house,” I will know immediately if that is allowed by the township. Having this conversation enables us to understand whether something is permissible from the beginning or if we have to apply for a variance. We can establish rapport with each other and with the powers that be. As a team, we explore budget, schedule, zoning, and topography. Other architects might not be able to do all of that; with our Discovery & Strategy Consultation we do that and more.

What do you get?

  • A face to face meeting on the project location with a professional architect.
  • Access to our Pre-Design Resource Library.
  • Bonus Free Reports: Project Planner & “Why Most Custom Home Designs Fail”

The Pre-Design Resource Library has a wide range of content, including design secrets, case studies, and how to make the most of your space through our 5 Senses Design™.

Regardless of your interests, we recommend you start with our free Project Planner, available in our growing resource library. With the Project Planner, you’ll learn the top seven steps to take toward your dream home and understand the team you will likely need. When somebody comes to me having already completed the Project Planner, they are in a much better place to start to understand what they are interested in doing. Having this ready, puts you in a position to make the most optimal use of our time together or collaborate with another architect.

We will also send you a Design Brief Workbook, to help begin to assemble a Design Brief. All this education upfront provides all my clients with a huge leg up on the neighbor who may not have done the same thing. Moving forward, the Project Planner and Design Brief Workbook is something we can refer back to and something we can also change. Ultimately, it helps establish expectations (and why you have them) and start your project efficiently and intelligently.

Regardless of which architect or contractor you hire, what you get from the consultation will make the facts about your project indisputable. It empowers you to be informed in the present and the future. You’ll be confident about the restrictions and benefits of the specific property and understand the setbacks that may come your way.

Why do this now?

Every spring, my phone is ringing with people who want to start projects soon and be done in the fall. Instead, call me in the fall and we could be breaking ground by spring. As the contractors’ busy season winds down in winter, they are trying to book their next year. So, if we are approaching them in late fall, you’ll get to pick a good contractor, find the right team members, and possibly even get a better price. The cooler months offer opportunity and time to get approvals through the township as well. From an architect’s, contractor’s, and even a township’s standpoint, this is why you should start the process in fall:

  • Experience your project on your terms
  • Get better schedules
  • Eliminate the competition
  • Take your pick of contractors and materials
  • Spend more time to go through my pre-design resources

All this creates a more successful project. Sometimes contractors will say, “I’ll be working on another project in your area and I might be able to squeeze you in.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were that first project? If you weren’t being squeezed in? If you were the primary project that everyone has to work around? The way you save money is by saving time; the way you do that is by planning ahead, and that’s why you need to book a Discovery & Strategy Consultation now.

Save yourself thousands of dollars by scheduling this Discovery & Strategy Consultation for $699. To book a free project coaching call or find out more about our Discovery Report offer, call Synergy Architects at 267-776-2224 or visit us online at

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